I want to cancel my domain name order. What do I do?

I want to cancel my domain name order. What do I do?

It is not possible to cancel a domain name order. The domain registration is binding. Although you change your mind and no longer want the domain, the domain has been registered. We have laid out money for the registration and it cannot be refunded. However, there are some exceptions:

  • If you have applied for a .no domain, but not yet sent us the application statement, simply do not send it to us. The domain will not be registered, and you do not have to pay anything before we have received the signed domain application.
  • If you have chosen payment in advance and has not yet paid, simply do not pay. The domain will not be registered before we receive your payment.
  • If you you have applied for a .com./org/.net/.biz/.info/.name domain and contact us  within 5 days, we are sometimes able to cancel the order without you having to pay for it. After these 5 days, we do not have the possibility of cancelling an order.

It is, however, possible to cancel services (email, web hotel etc.) for your domain name(s). If so, please contact us.

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