What software versions does Domain Inida web Hosting

All linux webhosting  accounts come with:

Quick Reference
Apache  2.2.15
PHP  5.2.13
Perl 5.8.8
MySQL 5.1.47
cPanel  11.25, however auto updated to latest version
GD / Image Magic  6.6.3

    * Linux x86 CentOS 5.x (a free version of RedHat) 32 bit Operating System
    * Dual Xeon E5520 2.26 GHz Quad Core Processors
    * Apache 2.2.x , (includes mod_rewrite and mod_security) in a SuExec environment
    * exim Internet Mailer
    * WHM 11.25.x
    * cPanel 11.25.x
    * PHP 5.2.x , PHP is run as CGI (not Apache/DSO) in a suPHP environment
    * Zend Optimizer 3.3.9 , PEAR 1.7.x , ionCube 3.3.7 , GnuPG 1.2.6 , GD2 Library (2.0.34), openSSL 0.9.8, SOAP
    * PHP Modules - full list
    * phpMyAdmin 2.11.8.x
    * MySQL Database 5.1.x
    * Chilisoft 4.0.2L (upon request)
    * cURL 7.15.x (also libcurl and PHP/CURL)
    * PERL 5.8.x , PCRE Library Version 7.8
    * Python 2.4.3 (alternative 2.6.5 binary available)
    * ImageMagick 6.6.x
    * Rsync
    * RoundCube 0.2b, SquirrelMail 1.4.13, Horde 3.1.7p8
       * Fantastico Scripts : Blogs (WordPress), CMS (Drupal and Joomla), Discussion Boards (phpBB3), Shopping Carts (osCommerce), Image Galleries, php Mailing List, Sitebuilders, Wiki

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