Useful tips to Secure WordPress from Hacker

1.Keep WordPress Up to Date Version and Stay Secure from Hacker

WordPress regularly enhances security features through update releases. This Updates give you almost 75% security to your wordpress site as every new version comes

with some security patches. Also plugins and theme files up to date is important to protect your site

2.Use Secure Password for Admin and FTP, cpanel

You should pick secure password for your WordPress login. keep your password at minimum of 8 characters with Combine upper and lowercase characters and numbers, Avoid

using anything that might be easy to guess including your name, birth date and telephone number.

3. Secure with File and Folder Permission

check file permission to files and folders, Set the permission as follows
All folder permissions should be set to 755. All files permissions should be set to 644.
Hackers can use your .htaccess to redirect to malicious sites from your URL. They may also change the permissions of the .htaccess file to stop newbies from editing

the file. Change the permissions back to 644.

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