How to create an autoresponder ?

We do have a video tutorial on how to create an autoresponder.

To create an autoresponder, please do the following:

1. Log into your control panel.

2. Locate the Mail section.

3. Click on "Auto-responders.


Email Auto Responders

 Step 4: To add a new auto responder, click on the [Add Auto-responder] button.

Add Auto-responder

 Step 5: Enter the email address you wish to send the auto-responses from, the name you wish the message to come from, the subject of the auto-response email, select a character set from the drop-down menu and choose whether the message will be displayed in HTML format. Finally, type in the message in the Body field.

Auto responder message

 Step 6: Click on the [Create/Modify] button to create the auto-responder.

You can modify an existing auto-responder by clicking on the [Edit] button next to it.

Edit auto-responder

To delete an auto-responder, simply click on the [Delete] button next to it.

You have now just set up an auto responder. If someone sends an email to the email address you specified, an E-Mail will be automatically sent back to them with the info you have provided.

Autoresponders will begin to work immediately after their creation. You are unable to disable and save autoresponders for future use. To remove an autoresponder or disable it, you must delete it. Once an autoresponder is deleted, it will no longer function.

When setting up autoresponder in webmail, it has a drop down for character set. What do I choose ?
ANSWER: utf-8

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