What settings do I need to upload my website?


The process of uploading content for your website using FileZilla is given below:

(We recommend downloading FileZilla. FileZilla is free for everyone, including corporate entities)

1. Open FileZilla and choose Site Manager under the File menu.


2. Click the New Site button.


3. Provide the following details, label the entry as yourdomainname.com and click the Connect button:

Host - yourdomainname.com
Port - 21
Servertype - FTP - File Transfer Protocol
Logontype - Normal
On the General tab, in the Encryption list box, select Only use plain FTP (insecure))

User and Password - The FTP username and password for yourdomainname.com
(see welcome email)


4. Once connected, open the 'WWW' folder by double-clicking it.


5. In the left pane, select the files to upload. Right-click and choose Upload.


The files will be transferred to the remote server.




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