Suspend/Unsuspend a Domain Name

Order Suspension is a useful feature available to Resellers of Domain india. In this status, the Order remains in the database but is inactive and the functionality associated with it can not be used. Placing a Domain Name Registration Order under Suspension has the following effects:

  • Any website/email service associated with the domain name would stop functioning.
  • The Contact Details and Name Servers of such a domain name can not be modified in this state.
  • A Transfer [Away] Request for this domain name to another Registrar will fail at the Registry itself and will not be allowed.
  • Domain name Renewal/Deletion would not be possible.
  • An internal Move of this domain name (to another Customer Account) would not be possible in this state.
  • Domain india does not support the Suspension / Unsuspension feature for domain names under the following extensions:
    • .EU (Domain name Suspension not supported by the Registry)
    • .UK (Domain name Suspension not supported by the Registry)

Follow the steps below to Suspend / Unsuspend a domain name:

  1. Login to your Control Panel, search for the domain name and proceed to the Order Details view. Click here to find instructions on how to do so >>
  2. Click the Suspend/Unsuspend link:
    • If you wish to Suspend the Service, you would have to select the checkbox for Suspension and enter a relevant reason for Suspension and click the Update button. The reason is visible to only your immediate Sub-Reseller/Customer from within their respective Control Panels.
    • For Unsuspending, unselect the checkbox and click the Update button.
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